Feral Cat Colony

Seer Farms is located on a property that was the “territory” of upwards of 40 homeless cats.  Some of these are indoor cats who are well socialized and looking for their forever homes.  Egypt, our ambassador, welcomes all visitors to the site.  The remainder, are feral cats – who live outside and have reverted to a wild state.  These cats are not well socialized, were most likely lost or abandoned or the offspring of such cats.

outdoor-cat-enclosureAs an organization and facility dedicated to the care and nurturing of animals, the welfare of these “Seer Farms animals” was one of our first priorities.  The staff diligently trapped each of the ferals for disease testing, spay/neutering, vaccinating, and in some cases, delivery of kittens.

Through the kindness of a benefactor and much hard work, the feral colony was born: initially an indoor/outdoor, four-part habitat designed for maximum kitty enjoyment. Since then, four additional indoor/outdoor habitats have been added.

Although some of the feral cats have been socialized and are adoptable (see our adoption page), most of these ferals will likely remain at Seer Farms in perpetuity as they are not, in most cases, suitable pets.

If you have feral cats on your property or know of an area with feral cats and want to help, go to our Resources section for more information.