Happy Tails

found in Seaside after Sandy hit the shoreThis handsome boy is a scrappy guy. He came to Seer Farms as part of the group evacuated from Seaside after Sandy hit. He was one of three cats from a particular address. When the owners at that address arrived to collect their TWO cats, they were surprised to hear that a third cat was found at their home. Not theirs they assured us. Turns out his drive to survive was so strong that he broke into somebody else’s house and waited to be rescued with the other cats there.

So we named this scrappy boy Ringo, and got him vetted and searched for his owner. Happily, Boots (aka Ringo) was eventually reunited with his family. YAY

Beagles go homeIt was oh so busy a day today at the farm. Three Sandy animals were placed safely (and happily) in a foster home (thanks Larissa and Charles)

But the best days at Seer Farms are reunion days. That makes today one of our best days, as two adorable beagles who have been with us for the better part of a year jubilantly rejoined their owner and headed off with him to their new home.

Razor and SimonRazor and Simon were born to the Woods Field feral colony, a maintained feral colony that is on Seer Farms property. Unlike their siblings, these two boys were born with a condition known as cerebellar hypotaxia (CH). This condition affects their motor skills and they required lots of special care. We are so excited that they have been adopted by a loving family in whose care they are flourishing. Nearly inseparable, they now enjoy the best possible life.
Zeus is happy to be going home.
Zeus happy to go home
Another happy reunion! Lexi goes home.
Lexi with her family
David Cassidy has a new homeOlsen (renamed David Cassidy) happy
at his new home with Seer Farms founder Cheryl and partner Laurie. 



Litter mates Osprey and Raven getting ready
to move from Seer Farms, where they were born,
to a loving new home.  We miss them already.Kittens adopted.

Owner has a happy reunion visit
with his pet at Seer Farms.
owner has reunion with pet