No Kill Policy

All Seer Farms’ personnel – whether paid staff or volunteer – are responsible for respecting the sanctity of the life of each and every creature within  Seer Farms dominion. This includes animals in our care, the humans that interact with them, and the wildlife that share the world with us.

Toward this end, Seer Farms embraces a no-kill policy.  Although “no kill” is a phrase that is bandied about in animal welfare circles and often lacks clear definition, for purposes of our policy “no kill” is operationalized this way:  The only justification for euthanasia is when it is the only recourse in the humane interest of the animal; that is when an animal experiences suffering that is enduring, unmanageable, and whose source is reasonably expected to be ultimately terminal.  Seer Farms will seek medical advice in making this determination on a case by case basis.

For animals that experience injury or disease, Seer Farms will take every reasonable action to alleviate or attenuate their suffering, consulting with veterinarians as appropriate.

Animals placed temporarily in our care will at times fall ill or get injured. Seer Farms will consult with, and respect, each pet’s owner preferences as to the course of action to take for their pet.  We recognize that owners may have different standards for treatment and euthanasia than those established by Seer Farms.  If during such consultation an owner wishes to euthanize an animal for reasons that seem to Seer Farms personnel, and our veterinary partners, to be outside the humane interest of that animal, Seer Farms reserves the right to refuse the request and return the animal to the owner.

In addition, Seer Farms will make every effort to safeguard all creatures living on the property and find humane solutions for relocating animals or bugs from areas where they put personnel or Seer Farms’ animals in harms’ way.  We recognize that at times humane solutions may not exist or may prove ineffective.  In those cases, keeping Seer Farms personnel and animals out of harm’s way is the guiding principle and necessary steps will be taken to achieve that goal.