Special Populations

Seer Farms is an equal opportunity shelter.  Animals are not turned away due to poor health or old age.  Those animals surrendered with health problems are quarantined as necessary and treated until resolution. 

If you’ve read about our feral colony, you already know about the homeless cats inherited and fostered by the organization. Some Seer Farms cats as well as surrendered animals were found to have FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Once determined to be positive for any disease, a separate “colony” is developed for these animals at Seer Farms.

FIV + colony
furry-cat-on-scratching-padCurrently overseen by Smokey, the FIV colony has grown to house 12 FIV positive cats. Like our feral colony, the FIV + colony is an indoor/outdoor facility that is dominated in the outer enclosure by a playground castle, in which the cats take great delight. FIV is caused by a virus that compromises the immune system. An FIV + cat can live for many years without any signs of illness. Smokey, along with a few permanent surrenders, would be happy to find a forever home for those who are interested in adopting or fostering an FIV + cat or cats.