Who We’ve Helped

Since Seer Farms first opened its doors in January, 2009:

  • The Out of Crisis Program has provided a haven for the beloved animals of more than 400 families. 
  • More than 620 cats, 250 dogs, several birds, Reptiles, bunnies, and small Mammals are currently or Have been residents at Seer Farms in both the Out of Crisis Program and In our unique feral cat colony. 
  • More than 650 dogs and cats from the Out of Crisis program have already been reunited with their families.
  • Nearly 400 companion animals From 193 Superstorm Sandy survivor families have sought refuge at Seer Farms.


Seer Farms has also established an innovative indoor/outdoor feral cat colony, which currently houses 120 cats, and one of NJ’s only permanent FIV+ colonies.

Because some animals in Seer Farms’ care eventually convert to permanent residents, Seer Farms provides adoption services for these animals and has secured the adoption of 65 cats and dogs. 

The New Jersey SPCA has relied on Seer Farms to provide temporary animal care in three different hoarding situations