Seer Farms: Keeping families together and animals safe.

Seer Farms, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey that has a unique perspective on animals and their people, and how to keep them together as a family during difficult times.

Seer Farms provides extended emergency care for animals of families that have endured a natural disaster (hurricane, wildfire, etc.) or may otherwise need long-term care for pets because of health issues, foreclosures, domestic violence, or other life crises.

Seer Farms fills an important void in the intersection of human social services and animal welfare in New Jersey and throughout the country. In addition to animal care, Seer Farms provides resources and support that enable the family to recover from their crisis and become self-sufficient, as well as pre-crisis planning for families with animals to help them mitigate the impact of the crisis on their pets.


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Seer Farms has been helping pet-owning families in crisis for more than eight years. We have reunited 1,200 animals with their families. Today approximately 300 pets are in our care. Their families are facing domestic violence, cancer, heart disease, addiction, foreclosure, military service, and recovery from disasters like Superstorm Sandy and house fires. We are committed to caring for these animals until they can be reunited with their families if possible, or placed into adoptive or foster homes. To do so, we need your help. We must cover the cost of food, caretakers, a roof over their heads, heat and veterinary bills. The long winter months can be particularly difficult months to raise the money we need to keep our doors open and these animals cared for. We need your help. Please make a donation today. Help us continue to offer the service we do to the animals of families in crisis.

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