back yard at Seer Farms Seer Farms is a New Jersey based 501c3 social services organization that provides animal care, resources, and support for pet-owning families in crisis. This safety net gives families facing domestic violence, financial turmoil, a health crisis, natural disaster, military service or other life crises time to restore their lives by caring for their animals until the family can be together again. Seer Farms provides for the animals on a temporary basis while the family deals with the crisis and reunites them once the family is able to care for their pets again.

We do not believe that giving up precious animals during difficult times is necessarily best for the animals or their human companions. We believe that families in crisis need time to repair their lives and that they benefit from the emotional support they derive from their pet and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their animals are being cared for while they themselves overcome their life crisis. To help families recover, Seer Farms provides resources and support that enables a family to navigate the barriers to their own self-sufficiency. These resources and support are also intended to assist pet-owning families in pre-crisis planning and preparation; helping them mitigate the impact of their crisis on their care of their pets.

Founded in 2008, Seer Farms has a unique perspective on animals and their people, and how to keep them together as a family during difficult times.  Our Out of Crisis program fills an important void in the human social services and animal care services offered in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. Our origin and ongoing service reflects our commitment to families with companion animals and the animals themselves. Seer Farms is a safe haven, providing the lifeline of time and compassion to families in crisis and their companion animals.